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Go fisting and anal

by Clara BonneBaise
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My first threesome with a stranger

Short excerpt average quality this appointment video

yesterday Wednesday, I get a text message to my work from Cyril asking me not to hang too by poaching. He informs me that he has a gift for me to respond to a request I have for several weeks. He does not want to tell me more. I finished my day's work and I come home as requested.
Arriving, it enlasse me, he kisses me and asks me to go take a shower and then asks me to put me in suspenders, telling me that I'm going to stick to him.

I take a shower, I'm sitting suspenders door on the bed. He blindfolded me to prevent me from seeing and asks me to wait on the bed and told me that a man should arrive in 30 at 40 minutes and asked me to wait naked and prepare to mate. He told me that I have to give him access to all the holes that is empty.

Female submissive slut for mating
In the room blindfolded for mating

Ready for my first coupling

My blindfolded, I see nothing but I hear Cyrille come and go on the ground floor. He goes in and out of the house, certainly watching for the arrival of the person to come kiss my appointment. I am getting impatient. I dread because I've never had this style of relationship and encounter to date even if it attracts me for some years.
A mixture of anxiety and excitement overwhelms me. I decide to masturbate alone to make me come before the arrival of man. My pussy dripping juice, the smell of my sex permeates the room.
Cyril goes up the stairs to the loft bedroom to tell me the delay. He wondered if this man will respect the appointment. I ask myself the same question, I really want to be coupled to Cyril and I fear a "fake map", a rabbit ". Cyril goes down and down and comes out again.

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Mi Clara slut for guys vicious

A few minutes pass, I hear Cyrille get chatting with a man. I'm satisfied, I know I'm going to shove.
They remain barely 4 minutes in the dining room and I hear their steps towards the room. For this stranger sees my ass on arrival, I positioned myself on all fours while all two climb the small staircase leading to the bedroom.

I hear the foot of the bed. Cyril introduced me as his bitch and invite this stranger I can not see to abuse me by my three holes, taking me like a whore.

Ready for’ coupling

I taut ass, I'm on all fours, I motion pussy, I show my pan and my anus to this man telling me I have to bend so that it takes me.

It spans bed and take your place beside me to shove me his cock in her mouth without asking me. I feel his cock against my face, I open my mouth without question and I swallow his penis. I suck, I ground my mouth to prepare this rod penetrations that follow.
After having it pumped the dart, he wants dilate my ass, search me belly, fisted my vagina. I sit on all fours to open my privacy.

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This unknown fisting my pussy and ass

Opening my ass and my pussy

It takes place behind my rump and began working me. I open and lets sexually abusing me imagining Cyrille enjoy the spectacle that I offer, dick in hand, wanking watching his bitch. Cyril catch me his cock in the mouth while the man fucks her pussy and ass with his hands.

Once ready, I open my pussy and my ass to this man.
I'm sitting on the rod of the unknown that I do not see and has trouble with his coat. Cyril the impulse to harden at the entrance to my vagina all wet. That bastard decides to take off the hood of the man. The naked penis, he masturbates himself at the entrance of my wide open cunt. He takes the tail of the unknown and rubbed his penis between the lips of my sex. I feel his cock open the entrance to my anus and my vagina without a condom. I understood that this man has his condom and Cyril wants me to be seeded by a natural ejaculation deep in my privacy.

Amateur couple screwing without hood
His big cock against my two holes to enter

His cock will fill my vagina

I crush on him, his big cock into my pussy and then he fucks me, he ejaculates half out, but Cyril quickly grabbed his penis to put in my pussy to finish his ejaculate inside my vagina. I have sperm that stranger in my privacy, I feel very slutty. Cyril puts me on the side and in its turn in my pussy to masturbate kissing me in the damn bastard who just filled me like a whore.

Lover and libertine subject trio hard
My pussy spits the sperm of another, I wait, again !

Ready for filling 2nd

While both fuck me every turn. The guest expands my ass with his hand, a strong smell of pervasive sex in the room terribly excites me.

I give them my ass and my pussy, man enjoys a second time, kissing me again.

Fucking bitch without hood and whore offered
This stranger kiss me again to give me his sperm

I am eager to do other meetings like these. This meeting was the first true encounter and I like it a lot.

Cyril would deliver me and give me a kiss to a small group of friendly people in a good atmosphere. He says I'm good and good slut, I deserve a lot of cocks 🙂
I kiss you. Clara

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Same here in the public area

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We embrace you as Clara… Tonight I m'astiquer the seamstresses rod while watching your last movie, you deserve it…


very exciting story and terribly horny clara
kisses to you both


What a lucky man ! A very exciting encounter…I would have liked to be in his place.


C’est drolement chaud. Vous parraissez avoir plein de projets plus pousses les uns que les autres….Clara est décidement une perle.

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